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"If you are a business, and you are not leveraged on the 800 Million (and growing) population on Facebook, then you are simply working too hard. If you don't know how to start, Jive!™ is the most complete online marketing solution that will not only enable you to get online quickly on not only Facebook, but also have your web site extended with powerful features that will allow you to stake your claim on the web."

Imagine if you could do introduce this extremely powerful tool to your web visitors, and when they purchase a subscription to Jive!™'s services, you'll earn a commission!

  • The Jive!™ Affiliate Network Program provides you with access to a powerful way to create massive value in connecting businesses in a world that is getting more competitive. You will also get:
  • 30% commission on all payments (that means recurring payments)
  • 30 day cookies
  • Choice of creatives
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management

If you are on the web and you have web traffic, getting on the Jive!™ affiliate program is a no-brainer. Especially if you own or run:

  • Content-driven web sites, including article marketing
  • Your own blog sites Social and Member-based web sites
  • Directories for business and professionals
  • Corporate or Business Reference or Information Web Sites
  • Resource and Services Web Sites for Businesses

Joining the Jive!™ Affiliate Network Program is easy!

  1. Register for FREE at using the affiliate Registration Form below
  2. Select the relevant banners to be placed on your web site
  3. Have your web visitors subscribe to Jive!™ by clicking on your affiliate banners
  4. Get paid when Jive!™ users upgrade to paying accounts as their business grows
  5. Watch your passive income grow as the recurring income builds up with more users subscribing to our paid services!
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